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Available on your team's chat platform

Available on your team's chat platform

Integrate DailyBot with Slack for enhanced team collaboration.


Bring DailyBot into Microsoft Teams for better project synergy.

Microsoft Teams

Use DailyBot with Google Chat for streamlined team communication.

Google Chat

Add DailyBot to Discord to manage team progress efficiently.


If the app you are looking for is not on the list check back soon for more.

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Browse native integrations

Use native integrations to automate workflows for your chat without coding.

Link DailyBot with GitHub for smoother development updates in your chat.


Connect Jira with DailyBot for improved team visibility.


Easy workflow automations with DailyBot + Zapier.


Integrate DailyBot with BitBucket for effective task management.


Sync ClickUp with DailyBot for seamless project tracking.


Link Linear to DailyBot for direct project syncing.


Connect Shortcut with DailyBot for enhanced prototyping collaboration.


Looking for more? Check back soon for new integrations.

More soon

  • “Easy way to get my remote team on the same page with customizable daily standups in Slack”

    Juli C.

  • “DailyBot is a time saver, no other software saves time like this. It’s very reliable for large and small teams working remotely as communication is made easier and it’s real time.”

    Mathew F.

  • "Dailybot has been a very viable companion in chatting and collaboration across the whole of our company. It has enabled us to save valuable time while creating more value.”

    Benson K.

  • "My user experience is great I am in love with how it's been easy to manage my team even the one located in remote areas, organize our daily work in a professional manner keeps everyone focused and happy.”

    Mohammed A.

  • “Being able to see what my team mates are up to, being able to offer help to them with smaller tasks that I can take off their plate. Being able to give kudos.”

    Angela S.

  • “The ease of usage & the quick responses by the bot are very professional. I can quickly organize my daily plans and get back to them multiple times through the workday, like a checklist.”

    Tanmay R.

Teams love DailyBot

Modern teams around the world are using DailyBot to coordinate and improve remote teamwork.

Manage your team effortlessly with DailyBot

Manage your team effortlessly with DailyBot

Manage your team effortlessly with DailyBot